How It Works

Our premium music distribution & marketing service is here to support the best emerging & independent artists & labels.

Whether you’re an artist, a manager, or an independent label, our team can help your music get heard across the world. This is how it works...

What’s the cost?

You’ll keep creative control and all the rights to your music. Guaranteed. We only take a small share of the royalty revenues.

Get a Fair Deal

We never ask for upfront fees and our royalty-share deals always favour the artist. We only make money when you do.

Optimise Your Release Strategy

Our dedicated team is just a phone call or email away. We’ll manage your account on a personal level, working closely with you to plan your campaign.

Receive Industry Support

We’ll provide playlist pitching, PR, radio & social media support to maximise publicity, as well as creative & design services to build your brand.

Release Music

Upload your music, catalogues & artwork and get access to exclusive tools including pre-release, chart registration & more.

Sales & Trending Insights

Access sales reports and trending data to uncover key insights into who is listening to your music and where.

Global Exposure

Work with our teams in 18 countries across the world to reach fans in new territories and increase exposure both overseas and at home.

Publishing & Sync

We track & pay publishing royalties worldwide and pitch music for lucrative sync placements with TV studios, ad agencies & more.

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