What we do.


Playlists & Placements

We maintain close relationships with the biggest music platforms, including Spotify, Apple, Google Play and Deezer. We meet regularly with editorial staff across the globe and land store features and high-profile playlist placements for the artists we work with.

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Fairer Deals

We believe in making the music industry fairer for everyone and we’re passionate about artists’ rights. Whether you're an artist or a label, we guarantee you'll keep 100% of the rights to your music and the largest share of royalties will always go straight into your pocket. We only profit when you succeed.


Release Strategy

Our well-connected press, social media and radio plugging teams have a history of securing major publicity for new talent. They work closely with artists and managers at every stage of their release strategy, from brainstorming and campaign planning, to promotion and distribution.

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Money When You Need It

We understand how important cash flow can be for rising independent artists & labels, so you’ll get access to fast, direct royalty payments paid straight into your bank account.

"Ditto Artists made up over 25% of major rap playlist placements across Spotify & Apple Music in 2018"


Video Monetisation

Music video distribution, management and monetisation across Vevo & YouTube is available to all clients. We also pitch artists for prominent music video promotional placements, to increase exposure and publicity across the platforms.

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Account Management

Every client will benefit from the support of our dedicated team, who work closely with each artist or manager to make sure all aspects of your campaign, from planning to promotion to release, goes as smoothly and successfully as possible.


Creative Studio

Our graphic design team has you covered when it comes creating artwork, social media content and more. Whether you already have ideas in mind or you’re looking for a little more inspiration, they’re experts in creating eye-catching designs to help artists stand out.


Catalogue Management

We can release, promote and manage catalogues of all sizes, making sure that rights holders get their music into new regions and onto major platforms all over the world, as well as collecting and paying out royalties quickly.

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Publishing & Sync

Whenever your music is streamed, used & broadcast worldwide, we’ll make sure you’re paid everything you’re owed in publishing royalties. We’ll also pitch your tracks for placements with TV networks, film studios, advertising agencies & more.

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