Publishing & Sync

How does Ditto Plus Music Publishing work?


Every time your music is streamed, performed live or broadcast on TV, radio & other types of media, you should be receiving extra royalty payments.


Ditto Plus Music Publishing will register, track, claim and collect ALL of the royalties you’re owed across the globe. No matter where in the world your music is used, we’ll make sure you get paid.




Why use Ditto Plus Music Publishing?


– Our copyright experts ensure your copyright data is registered & protected all over the world.


– We work closely with international collection societies to track, claim and pay out royalties for all uses of your music globally.


– We pitch your music to film & TV production companies, advertising agencies and more.




Publishing royalties we collect


We collect and pay every type of publishing royalties whenever your music is used across the globe. We do the hard work so you don’t have to.



Mechanical Royalties

Earn additional mechanical royalties for each stream or download.


Performance Royalties

Every live performance, radio play or stream can earn you even more royalties.


YouTube Royalties

Get paid every time your music is used in YouTube videos.


Sync Royalties

Your music pitched for TV, film, ads & more, bringing in extra exposure & royalties.


Neighbouring Rights Royalties

Receive neighbouring rights royalties whenever your music is broadcast.